Our design process starts with an initial meeting where we discuss the project and your goals for it. For instance, do you want a pool? If so, how large of a pool do you want? As part of your plan, do you want an outdoor kitchen, areas for seating, lounging, etc.? Do you have a budget and what is the time frame in which you wish to have your project built? These are just some of the questions that may come up during our meeting. We highly encourage our customers to have a topographic survey available for this meeting, especially if you are considering a pool as part of your project. In addition, images or examples of built work that is in line with your aesthetic is helpful to have during this meeting. These can be clippings from magazines or boards that you may have created through Houzz or Pinterest.


Following our initial meeting we will prepare a formal proposal outlining our scope of work, schedule and compensation to complete your project. Our design process is broken into three main areas of focus: master planning, construction documents and construction management. The cost for each service is outlined with in this proposal and is based on the size and scope of work required. A timeframe on when we can begin your project will be outlined during this proposal as well.


The first phase of the design is a master plan. The master plan will be helpful to study spatial relationships, design aesthetic and overall project cost. During this phase we will study the site more intently; checking local zoning regulations to be sure our design complies with those regulations and estimating what the proposed design may cost. The end goal of this phase is to fine tune a plan that will lead to construction documents, permitting and the eventual construction of your project.

Following the conclusion of the master plan, we will develop construction documents. The construction documents are critical to tell the various contractors involved on your project how to build it. They are also helpful to fine tune project cost and details. Construction documents may include:

  • Site Layout Plans

  • Material Layout Plans

  • Construction Details and Section Elevations

  • Landscape Planting Plans

  • Landscape Lighting Plans


Your project will go through a permitting phase that can vary in length depending on the size and location of your project. Most permitting aspects are handled by an outside engineering firm that we work with regularly.

Contractor Selection

Over the years, we have developed working relationships with many local crafts people. We encourage the use of these companies as there is a level of expectation and understanding that comes with our projects. However, we are always looking for new and talented people to work with and welcome suggestions from our clients if they have specific people they wish to work with.


Construction begins once all permitting is complete, contractors have been secured and weather has permitted work to begin. At this point of the project we will assist with the management of your project; answering field questions from contractors, solving problems before they occur and taking advantage of design opportunities that were not realized during the planning phase.

Final Product

The goal at the end of any project is to have a happy client that is satisfied with their project and one that we can be proud of. If our design process sounds like it may be a good fit for your project, reach out to us through our contact page. We would love to hear from you!